Güryapı has been one of the leading companies in the conservation and restoration sector in Turkey and internationally for more than 20 years.

9. From the 9th century Barhal Kilise Mosque to the 16th century classical period, from Architect Sinan's master and journeyman works to late period Bosporus mansions, mansions and university buildings, from 19th century industrial buildings, Güryapı has been transferring the historical and cultural values of the city to future generations through the restoration of works from every period, style and typology of Turkey's cultural heritage.

The aim of renovating historical buildings is to preserve them as a work of art as well as a historical document. In doing so, we have adopted the principle of adopting methods and approaches based on international regulations and principles on the basis of science.

We know that monuments are an integral part of the history they bear witness to and the environment in which they exist. By renovating a building, we not only restore it to the city, but also keep the social memory alive and nourish it.