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Known as the Hidiva Palace/Hidiva Waterside Mansion, it is one of the most important Art-Nouveau buildings of the Bosporus, surviving from the 19th century with its architectural styles and dimensions. Hosted many important people from the reign of Mahmut I to the reign of Mahmut II, it was demolished by Hidiva Emine Valide Pasha in 1899 and rebuilt with a construction that lasted until 1901. Its architects were Raimondo D'Aronco and Anthonio Lasciac.

Measuring 63×27 meters parallel to the sea, the waterside mansion has a total area of 4500 m2 with two full floors and attic floors. Reflecting the French Art-Nouveau style with its exterior and interior features, the building has a Mansard formed roof and four watchtowers with swan figures. In the interior space, the ceilings are decorated with floral and leaf motifs typical of the Art-Nouveau style. Two of the names of Allah are inscribed in the sun of Mahmud II in the center above the roof.

Within the scope of the Restoration works, the waterside mansion, which had settled 15 cm towards the sea, was suspended and lifted up. After the ground strengthening works, the wooden structure of the mansion was strengthened. Wooden doors and windows, parquets, metal decorations, plaster ceiling decorations, and hand drawings were renovated and missing parts were completed. The Restoration was completed after the landscaping. Currently, it is used as the Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Istanbul and Consul General Residence.

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İstanbul/ Sarıyer