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Hızır Bey Mosque is a fevkani mosque built by Hızır Bey, the first kadi and mayor of Istanbul, after the conquest. The mosque has a rectangular plan, rubble stone masonry and is covered with a wooden roof. The minaret with a single balcony is separate from the main mass. The building, whose original texture cannot be clearly understood, has completely lost its original plan with the additions made especially after the 19th century.

Within the scope of the Restoration works, the building has been cleaned from the contaminants. Poor quality mortar and plasters on the facade were cleaned and grouted with the original mortar. Parts of the wooden roof that had lost their properties were replaced and strengthened. Poor quality parts of the roof cover, wooden doors and windows were removed, and damaged parts were replaced with original materials. Protective measures were taken by restoring the pencil decoration. Restoration works have been completed with landscaping. 

Project Description

Completed Project