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Together with a Sıbyan School and a Square Fountain, Hasanpaşa Mosque was built in 1899 by Hasan Hüsnü Pasha of Bozcaada, the Naval Minister of Abdülhamid II. Hasan Hüsnü Pasha was born in Istanbul, graduated in 1842 with the rank of lieutenant, and was promoted from First Lieutenant in 1849 to the rank of Admiral in 1880. Pasha had two other mosques built in Fatih and Eyüp.

In the 13.70 x 16.05 m rectangular interior of Hasanpaşa Mosque, a 2.95 m section is reserved for the last congregation. The main courtyard ceiling is a "museum ceiling" with a wooden flattened dome, divided into sections with relief passages and hand drawings applied on canvas between them. The façade of the masonry building is made of cut stone and has a very high quality baroque minaret. To the east of the mosque is the Sıbyan School. The Sıbyan School is in the plan type with a center hall and its walls are made of masonry bricks.

Within the scope of the restoration works, the building will be cleaned from the additions, the roof and the entrance section of the building will be made in line with the original detail, the window joinery, which is determined to be non-original, will be made as wooden guillotine in accordance with the period characteristics, and conservation works will be carried out on the ornaments.

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