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The Galatasaray University building is the İbrahim Tevfik Efendi Beach Palace, one of the three buildings of the Feriye Palaces built by Sultan Abdülaziz in the early 1870s for architect Sarkis Balyan. Given to Galatasaray High School in 1930, the building was used as the classrooms and dormitories of the girls' department of Galatasaray High School from 1968 onwards, and has been allocated to Galatasaray University since 1992.

İbrahim Tevfik Efendi Beach Palace is a masonry building with brick walls and wooden floors. The 82.80×33.40 meter building has an axial symmetrical plan. In terms of facade features, it has neoclassical facade elements and styling principles. Renaissance arches and Greek window forms, jambs, and cornices, columns and plasters used to provide the vertical effect of the building are in neoclassical style.

In 2013, the building was severely damaged by a fire caused by an electrical contact, and within the scope of restoration works, floor and wall reinforcement works were carried out. The remaining hand drawings were taken under protection. After the reinforcement works were completed, the original parts lost in the fire were reconstructed. The renovated building is now used for educational purposes by Galatasaray University.

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