Project Details

The construction of the Davutpaşa Bakery Building was started in 1826 during the reign of Abdülhamit II and the building was completed in one year and started to serve on February 29, 1827. It is located at the southeast end of the Davutpaşa Barracks at the lowest elevation of the land.

Built in neoclassical style, the bakery is symmetrical with respect to the entrance on the southeast facade. The entrance doors and ground floor windows of the building have semicircular arches, the upper floor windows have flat arches, while the attic windows have keystone motifs and flat weft. On the axis of the building, there is a marble inscription stone and Ottoman coat of arms at the eaves level. 

Within the scope of the restoration works, the reinforced concrete columns and floor slabs that were built later inside the building were cleaned, and the existing walls were strengthened and preserved. Two of the three existing spaces, which were used as bakery, were preserved for display. The space specified as a porch in the restitution project was closed with a glass screen in line with the restoration project. In addition to the Davutpaşa Bakery Building, two new buildings were constructed on the western part of the lot. These buildings are currently used as İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality's İsmek Bakery and Pastry School.

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