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The mosque, which was built between 1782-1783 by Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasha, the Chief Admiral of the period, is located in the Kalyoncular Barracks today. It is known also as Kasımpaşa Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Paşa Mosque or Kalyoncular Barracks Mosque.

The mosque has a square-plan and one minaret. The mosque consists of two floors, the ground floor and the harem floor, in which there is a cist dated to an earlier period than the mosque (approximately 15th century), and has a masonry and wooden construction. In the harem section, there are baroque pencil works, most of which preserve their originality, which are among the most beautiful examples of their period, and precious calligraphy writings by Calligrapher Ömer Vasfi Efendi and Osman Hilmi Efendi.

In 2021, Gürsoy Group Restoration started and completed the restoration works in the same year; structural strengthening in the masonry section in accordance with the static report, roof lead and zinc works, repair of wooden joinery and coatings, repair of the marble fountain, pencil works and gold leaf works in the harem section.

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