Project Details

Çatalca Hadımköy Housing Project, which we set out to improve living spaces and living standards, consists of 10 blocks in total.

75.000 metrekare inşaat alanına sahip olan Çatalca Hadımköy Toplu Konut Projesinde, 513 bağımsız bölüm bulunmakta olup, tüm altyapı ve üst yapı ile çevre düzenleme imalatları Güryapı bünyesinde yapılmıştır.

The project, which incorporates all the social and physical conditions that modern city people will need, has provided residents with all the comfort they want to feel in a living space with its common areas, landscaping and social facilities.

Different alternatives are offered to the consumer with the Hadımköy Housing Project, which can be preferred either for living or investment purposes.   

Project Description

Completed Project