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Based on its construction technique, style and material characteristics, the Bebek Kapı Lodge is dated between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Bebek Kapı Lodge, which belonged to Robert College School until 1971, is now used as a guesthouse at the entrance gate of Boğaziçi University South Campus.

The building was used as a lodging building when it was first built, as it is today. The building, which consists of three wooden floors and a roof built on a stone masonry basement, has a floor area of 130 m2. Access to the university is provided by the passage in the basement of the building. For this reason, the building is also known as "Lodging with Bridge" or "Building with Bridge".

Within the scope of the Restoration works, the decaying and deteriorated parts of the building were replaced and the ones in good condition were reinforced. Poor quality parts of the wooden roof coating, roof cover, wooden doors, and windows were removed, and damaged parts were replaced with original materials. The existing one-armed entrance staircase of the building was removed and replaced with the original two-armed entrance staircase, and the original staircase inside was reinforced. All electrical and mechanical installations were renewed. The Bebek Kapı Pavillion, whose landscaping was completed, was put into operation as the Rectorate Guest House in accordance with its original function.  

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