Project Details

Ayazma Housing Project, where spacious and functional living spaces are created with its architectural details, offers options for different needs. In the project, which rises on the solid ground of Başakşehir and was realized using high-level construction technology, construction was carried out in 2 areas, 5 and 36 lots.

There are 1,247 independent sections in the project, consisting of 30 units in total, 21 of which are short blocks of type A, B and C and 9 of which are long blocks of type D. Of these units, 1,236 are planned as apartments, 8 as janitors' apartments and 3 as commercial areas.

The Ayazma Housing Project, which has an indoor parking lot for 1,550 vehicles, also has an outdoor parking lot for 74 vehicles.

Built on an area of 290 square meters, the social facility offers different recreational alternatives for the residents to relieve the stress of a tiring day with its indoor pool, sauna and Turkish bath.

In addition, 400 square meters of basketball court, 470 square meters of carpet field, 750 square meters of children's playgrounds and 800 meters of walking paths in the nation garden, which has an area of 41,000 square meters, meet all the needs of modern urban people. 

Project Description

Completed Project