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With the Ataşehir Mimar Sinan Mosque Project, one of the projects we realized with the responsibility of 'respecting our national values', we brought the Ottoman traditional architecture to the present day.

Designed according to the classical mosque typology of the Ottoman period, Mimar Sinan Mosque, built on an area of approximately 4 thousand square meters, has a congregation capacity of 10 thousand.

Ataşehir Mimar Sinan Mosque, which has the characteristics of the Ottoman Classical period, has a dome height of 42 meters, as well as a main dome diameter of 27 meters and consists of 4 minarets with 3 balconies with a height of 72 meters.

The project, which has a conference hall, training rooms, and sales units in the lower part of the prayer hall and courtyard areas, also includes a parking lot with a capacity of 270 vehicles.

During the construction activities, which lasted approximately two years, the "six-legged plan type", which Mimar Sinan tried in smaller-scale mosques, was applied for the first time in a building of this size.

Ataşehir Mimar Sinan Mosque, which we undertook the construction of with the principle of carrying our traditions to the future, has been brought to our society as an exemplary work that combines the Ottoman traditional style with today's construction technology.

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