Our deeply rooted values and sense of social responsibility shape our mind and heart. We promise to always act with this awareness.


We follow in the track of the idea of a virtuous city set forth by our culture and civilization and believe that people's happiness can only be achieved by realizing shat is good, right, and beautiful in social life. Therefore, we are proud to put our signature under good, right, and beautiful works.


What we understand from business ethics is that all employees strive to do their jobs in the most accurate and beautiful way with the same sensitivity and meticulousness. This effort is a common characteristic of all our employees.


We are aware of our debt to the history that brought us to today. We strive to repay our debt by protecting what was entrusted to us.


Our constant priority in all our activities in all sectors is the protection of nature and environmental awareness. Because we are a part of nature. We live in harmony with it, rather that struggling with it.


We see the city in general and Istanbul in particular as the essence of our civilization, and we strive to carry out all our activities with the aim of serving the city and Istanbul.


We consider creating projects in line with the spirit of the times and accomplishing beyond people's expectations as a part of our corporate identity, just like our name.


While we see local and national values as our compass, we also see interacting with and benefiting from different cultural values as a richness.


We perceive transparency and always being open to communication as a vital condition of existence, and promise to fulfill its requirements under all circumstances.


We believe that every member of our company is aware that they cannot be a part of this organization unless they act in accordance with the above core values and principles.